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After over 15 years in Physical Therapy, I decided to become a massage therapist. I attended the prestigious Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, and dual enrolled in the Advanced Sports Massage program.

I'm a Florida native, and grew up south of Ocala on Lake Weir. My passion is helping people to be pain-free and healthy.



I love doing neuromuscular therapy work, and am also trained and experienced with deep tissue, Swedish, connective tissue, trigger point release, myofascial release, hydro therapy, cupping, prenatal, advanced sports massage, and polarity.

In my spare time I love to cook, garden, and be a mom.

I'm the proud mother of a 10 year old boy, Logan.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


60 Minutes



90 Minutes




For pain and anxiety relief. CBD is nonintoxicating.



Oil blends customized specifically for you


The ultimate in relaxation, for a stress relief experience. Increases circulation and decreases stress for overall well being. Swedish involves soft, long, kneeding strokes, and light rhythmic tapping, on the top most layers of muscle. The classic "spa massage." It's both relaxing and energizing.


A sports massage is ideal for anyone struggling with pain or discomfort in a specific area. Usually, a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish massage techniques are employed to ensure maximum benefits, but I will tailor the treatment to your needs. While sports massage is the ideal remedy for athletically-induced aches, it’s also brilliant as a preventative treatment for the active to keep injury at bay.

With an emphasis on increasing circulation and minimizing inflammation, the sports massage can be slightly uncomfortable at times, but it shouldn’t be painful.


Neuromuscular massage therapy is a specialized form of manual massage in which digital pressure and friction are used to release areas of strain in a muscle. Strain areas are called tender or trigger points, and they tend to be the cause of ongoing muscular pain symptoms. These trigger points are small areas of the muscle in which there is a contracture of tissue, and the lack of blood and nutrients in that area causes an inability for that muscle to relax. The area is hypersensitive and can cause pain, fatigue, and weakness in the muscle. By applying specific techniques these hypersensitive areas are released allowing the body to heal.


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Geriatric Massage

Provides improvement in length and quality of sleep. Also in lowering stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness


Slow strokes combined with pressure techniques are applied on the arms, back, leg and foot area. Muscles are warmed up and underlying muscle adhesions are reduced with this therapeutic massage. Muscle adhesions occur when cell walls are hardly able to take up nutrients. Massaging the connective tissue increases blood circulation. This firm massage is great for anyone who enjoys a strong massage as it's an invigorating massage for both body and mind. But there's more! With a connective tissue massage the cells of connective tissue (which include fibroblasts) are stimulated to renew. The production of collagen and elastin is promoted - which are all responsible for the tightness, flexibility and youthfulness of your skin.


The focus of Prenatal Massage is predominantly on hip and back pain, because let’s face it... it can be tough carrying a little one. Not to mention if you have another child to carry around, too.

You’ll be seen in a private treatment room, where I will help you find your perfect position on the specialized massage table. Pain relief and relaxation support a healthy pregnancy.


Indulging in the ancient Chinese ritual of cupping - commonly used by many of the world's best athletes. Cupping uses suction to draw the skin  into the cup by creating a vacuum by heating and cooling the air, or using a mechanical pump. Then, the cup is left in place for five to fifteen minutes. The results are pretty impressive - it tackles everything from pain relief, deep scar tissue discomfort, muscle knots and swelling. Consider it a one-stop anti-inflammatory treatment for all your aches and pains.


There are few better ways to relax and switch off. While the main aim is to revive tired feet and help you relax, a lot of people find they enjoy added perks. For starters, a foot massage is one of the best acts of self-care there is. It can be a powerful and therapeutic treatment, benefiting your entire body from head to toe. Many experts claim foot massages can relieve stress, restore energy and improve circulation.

Foot massages also make excellent gifts, whether you’re treating a hard-working friend, or simply wish to give yourself some well-deserved time off to recharge.

Soft, comforting strokes provide improvement in length and quality of sleep. This massage can also lower stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness

As the name suggests, this involves two people having a massage in the same room, at the same time, by two therapists. When both of you are in need of de-stressing and spending quality time together, this is the perfect solution! Each participant will have their massage customized to their specific need.

Of course, this doesn't need to be an exclusively romantic affair – best friends, sisters and moms also make great "plus ones." The main draw is sharing the pampering experience with someone - and fear not, your modesty will be fully covered! It's also a great way to introduce a massage novice who is nervous about their first professional massage experience.


2605 NE 3rd Street

Ocala, FL 34470


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